Hiya, welcome to my page, let me tell you about myself.  Ever since I can remember I have been overweight, I pretty much was fat coming into this world weighing in at 9lbs 8oz.  Life didn’t get better I just continued to add weigh upon my body and now at 34 years old I weigh in at 309.5 lbs.  Not only am I faced with being overweight I also struggle daily with depression and anxiety and it’s time for a change I will no longer live this life. I will not wake up every morning wishing I didn’t have to get up and move because I didn’t see anything worth moving for, I am going to fight these demons and move forward. This blog will be my outlet where I can vent, update my weight loss journey and just be me. I will post depressing stuff, uplifting things, religious things, I will vent and complain but more than that you will see the real me, my struggles with being overweight and battling depression.  Feel like following my page well hop on board and let’s roll……


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